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Unique Life Creator

3 steps to your health, wealth & happiness

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Richard Breijer

Directeur Roodbeen

Inspiring, motivating and enlightening

In the book Nelleke shares her lifechallenges she had faced and how she overcame the barriers. Besides that she especially shares her knowledge and experiences. The content relates to day to day situations we all face sometimes, somehow in life. 

This book fully shows Nellekes passion to put a human being first, seeing them who they really are, what they want in live and sharing and serving people to become healthy, wealthy and happy. Her passion combined with her drive resulted in a wonderful unique program called ‘The Unique Life Creator System’, based on principles and unique combination of Ayurveda and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which empowers people, but also make them think for a moment about their own life. 

The book is inspiring, motivating and enlightening, I absolutely recommend this book for everyone to read.

Do you wish to become happier, healthier
and wealthier? 

If so, then this is The right moment to Let Go all of the things you are worried about. Just start the engines and take off to get there! 

This book will be the first step to see where you want to go to.

This book leads the reader through three different areas in life: Independence, Connection and Lifestyle. All three are connected to each other. 

The Ayurveda, literally meaning the science of life, shows us that you cannot separate these from each other, as Ayurveda is the complete way of life. These three are the areas where we find our challenges. Sometimes they are day to day challenges, sometimes they are complex. 

When there is disturbance or imbalance somewhere there is a higher chance that you are not happy, because the balance between mind, body, and soul is not there and so your health is affected. And as a snowball effect it could have an effect on many more areas in your life.

With this book Nelleke inspires, educate and challenges people all over the world and it will take you on a fantastic journey of self-discovery to learn to Let Go and achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness through three simple steps.


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Reading the book Unique Life Creator gave me a feeling of recognition in some areas, excitement in others, but most of all inspiration to look (again) at myself, my life and business in a different way. 

Knowing is one, and totally different than teaching it in an easy-to-read book!
I know the world will benefit from your words and knowledge Nelleke!

José Pieterson
Architect of Business Clarity

  • I truly advice you to read the book and see how it can help you to create your own unique life

    Relating her life experiences to the stages Nelleke has shown the readers how it can be possible to turn your life around with just 3 steps as explained in her program The Unique Life Creator SystemTM. 

     I was very impressed by it and I truly advice you to read the book and see how it can help you to create your own unique life!

    Edwin van Korlaar
    CCO Xcellent

  • It really is a tremendous read, full of great insights

    Having built 8 companies, I understand the importance of every word in this book. Freedom and connection are super important to me, but gradually getting caught in the trap of working all the time meant I not only lost connection with myself and my family. I also lost my freedom, which was killing my relationships, my desire to continue living and my body. I wish I had read this book before I ended up in hospital burned out and breaking down 5 years ago.

    As I read each page here, my eyes were opened to the strategies I could have used back then, had I known what to do. It really is a tremendous read, full of great insights, practical implementation techniques for everyday living and it has a wonderful message throughout.

    I highly recommend this book to be read by every human on the planet.....

    Sammy Blindell
    Founder, CEO & Brand Brain

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    Unique Life Creator


    3 steps to your health, wealth & happiness


    Paperback Unique Life Creator


    3 steps to your health, wealth & happiness


    Paperback Unique Life Creator


    3 steps to your health, wealth & happiness